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Comedian - Phil Palisoul


30 years of stand up comedy… performing on Cruise Ships, Corporate Events, Comedy Clubs and war zones. Hard to tell them apart sometimes. 7 years a television Sit-Com writer for many "Must See TV" shows.


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 2 seasons of Last Comic Standing… and the red-light enforcement camera at the intersection of Alemeda and Monaco

Zoom Style

Funny show biz stories, antic-DOH's (stupid things I have done because of or having done comedy)… custom comedy for inter office virtual meetings…. fellowship — listening and discussion… Q & A about my career (such as it has been). T & A (such as you can stomach) Q & A about your job…

Perfect for

Meetings… office brainstorming sessions… online “man on the street” throughout the office … custom writing for roasts, send-ups, company satire (good natured) ... jocularity … light plumbing advice and tool shed organization tips

Fees & Availability

$50 for 15 Minutes up to the first 5 People ($10 per additional person)

$100 for 30 Minutes up to the first 10 people. ($10 per additional person)

Monday-Sunday (10am-2pm and 5pm-10pm)

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More videos at my Youtube channel

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