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Comedian - Nora Lynch


I’ve been doing stand up long enough to be very good at it which makes me “of a certain age’… oh, what the hey? I’m in my 50s. It’s obvious. Why lie? You can find me on videotape doing TV sets wearing stirrup pants.

And I’ve been making a living being funny since those stirrup pants days.

Cruise Ships, Comedy Clubs, Corporate venues, Network TV Writer/Producer

Also specializing in Hand-Crafted Comedy™ for roasts, video presentations, keynote speeches, website copy… if it needs to be funnier - I can do that.

Zoom Style

Let’s find out together, shall we? Given I’ve spent my entire career either in front of a live audience or behind the camera writing for scripted television - the virtual show is new to me. I will say I love a good conversation and I’m happy to talk about my long and diverse career. (I’ll name names.)

Perfect for

Professional Q & A, Meetings, On-Line Gatherings, Topical Group Discussions. Brainstorming Sessions

Fees & Availability

$50 for 15 Minutes up to the first 5 People ($10 per additional person)

$100 for 30 Minutes up to the first 10 people. ($10 per additional person)

Monday-Sunday (10am-2pm and 5pm-10pm)

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More videos at my Youtube channel

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