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LaughLink with Mo Alexander

Mo Alexander


An in your face comedy vet with over 25 years experience. Seen on Hart of the City, Amazon Prime and Comedy Central

Zoom Style

One of the few comics not afraid to do crowd work on a Zoom call. Both offensive and truthful, the most important thing is Mo Alexander is hilarious!

Perfect for

Online parties, one on one therapy sessions (not a real therapist but will do shots of tequila with you while you cry), and discussions of quantum physics.

Fees & Availability

$50 for 15 Minutes up to the first 5 People ($10 per additional person)

$100 for 30 Minutes up to the first 10 people. ($10 per additional person)

Sunday- Saturday 1:00 pm to 1:00 am CST

Watch Videos

More videos at my Youtube channel

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