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Comedian - Johnny B


20 year comedy veteran(Best of the Bay winner for Best Stand-up Comic 2016, 2017) and host of The Johnny B Show on FM 102.5 "The Bone" in Tampa,Fl. Actor, singer(Star Search '93, '03), pretty much everything that doesn't require too much athleticism.

Zoom Style

Observations on everything current and past, uncensored(or censored) relationship advice,stories from the road, JOKES!(My stand-up or street jokes), parenting advice(mostly incorrect), song parodies etc.

Perfect for

Parties, Greetings, Meetings, etc. Specialty is ROASTING! I'll roast you, your spouse, family member, a friend, an enemy, or your pet. Simply give me a pic and social media link and I'll write and perform a roast for you(clean or filthy)

Fees & Availability

$50 for 15 minutes/$90 for 30 minutes

$125 for 45 minutes/$1000 All day (even the bathroom)

Any time he's not on the the radio. So any time but 8pm-Midnight Monday-Friday and write me for other available times!

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More videos at my Youtube channel

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