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Comedian - Dean Napolitano


30 years performing Stand-up, Montreal Comedy Festival, The Movie "Triple Nine", “Army Wives” and “Burn Notice”, 300 Shows/year.

Zoom Style

Funny stories from the road, anecdotes, jokes from my act and I'm happy to answer questions from anyone you invite to our Zoom LaughLink! If you need advice you can also ask Pops!

Perfect for

Meetings, Online Gatherings, Parties, Connecting with Friends, Advice

Fees & Availability

$50 for 15 Minutes up to the first 5 People ($10 per additional person)

$100 for 30 Minutes up to the first 10 people. ($10 per additional person)

Monday - Sunday 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 10 pm - EST

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More videos at my Youtube channel

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